Firm Profile


portraitFrederick Taylor, the owner and principal creative designer has over 30 years in the field of architecture. Mr. Taylor received his bachelor or Environmental Design in Architecture from North Carolina State University in 1984, and began his internship at Clark, Tribble, Harris, and Li in Charlotte, NC. He went on to earn a Master of Architecture at Yale in 1989 and worked for Hartman-Cox Architects in Washington until establishing Frederick Taylor, AIA in 1998.

We build on the foundation of the past. My experience in the practice of architecture has given me both a deep appreciation for and a solid grounding in traditional design, particularly in styles of classical origin. Accordingly, my work is shaped by historical precedent, whether the immediate precedent of an existing structure or the larger precedent of the architectural canon. I strive not to “invent” new details or to create a signature style, but rather to assemble and adapt motifs that are familiar and recognizable in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and responsive to context.

An addition to a 1930’s Dutch Colonial may not replicate every detail of the original, however it will be “of a piece” with it. Modern design has its own canon of precedents however, and it too should be respected when that is the context. Considerably more freedom exists when designing an entirely new structure. A new house can – and should – reflect the values and tastes of the age in which it was created, and may draw its inspiration from a variety of sources, both traditional and contemporary. Nevertheless, the new structure still bears an obligation to respect the larger context of its neighborhood and region.